Master's Thesis

Below is a list with all recently completed master's theses.


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JP [Summary]
JP [Summary]
JP [Summary]
JP [Summary]
JP [Summary]
JP [Summary]
JP [Summary]
JP [Summary]


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Yeshi SAMDRUP Study of historic settlements and their sustenance in Bhutan:Case study of Nobgang and Rinchengang in Punakha and Wangdue Valley EN
JP [Summary]
JP [Summary]
JP [Summary]
JP [Summary]
JP [Summary]
JP [Summary]


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CUI SHUAILING Transformation of Relationship Between Tourism Activities and Residential Environment in the Center of a Historical Suburban City of a Tourism Metropolitan:A Case Study of Naka-Uji District, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture EN [Summary]
Jinyu CHEN A Study on Places That Support Chinese Students' Life in the University Area during the COVID-19 Pandemic:a Case Study on the Hongo University Area of the University of Tokyo JP [Summary]
Tatsuri SONOBE A study on the development process of service design in public cultural facilities− A case study of Enokojima Art, Culture and Creative Center, Osaka prefecture − JP [Summary]
Hiroaki OKAYAMA JP [Summary]
Ryota OKAMOTO JP [Summary]
Yamato MATSUZAKA JP [Summary]
Keita UEDA Caring for Vacant Lots in the Town Center after the Nuclear Disaster:From a Comparison of Odaka, Namie, and Tomioka, Fukushima Prefecture JP [Summary]
Atsushi KAWASAKI A study on cultivating process of cultural landscape and response of living space in a historical habitat−Case study on Naka-uji area, Uji city− JP [Summary]
Kazuki FUJIMOTO A Qualitative Analysis of the Cemetery Acquisition Movement of Muslims in Japan: Focusing on the Development of the Beppu Muslim Association into a "Rights Movement” JP
Miyu TANIMOTO The Relationships between Roadside Buildings and Street Trees in Omotesando−Based on Segmented Street Crossing Views from Inside and Outside of the Buildings− JP [Summary]
Naoki SUZUKI Spatial Transformation of Scenic Areas in Hot Spring Cities and Citizens' Movement for Restoration after the ebb of Mass Tourism−Focusing on Katayamazu, Yamashiro, and Yamanaka Hot Spring City in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture− JP [Summary]
Ryosuke SAITO JP [Summary]


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MIAO SIRAN The Impact of the Exotic Culture Carried by the New Chinese Immigrants on the Urban Space of Host Society: A Case of “Nishikawaguchi New Chinatown” EN [Summary]
TATIS MORALES Tatiana J. The transformation of the Urban Identity in El Chorrillo, Panama City: the influence of segregation, invasion, and the way to recovery EN [Summary]
Sotaro SATORI JP [Summary]
Minami MUNENO JP [Summary]
Chika YAMAGUCHI JP [Summary]
Haruka OTAKE JP [Summary]
Daichi MATSUMOTO JP [Summary]
Kosuke NUMATA JP [Summary]
Ryota SUNAKAWA JP [Summary]
Kazuki NISHINO JP [Summary]


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Shotaro NAKADO   JP [Summary]
Takashi SENGOKU   JP [Summary]
Rinko MAEYAMA JP [Summary]
Kouta HARA   JP [Summary]
Keita ODAJIMA JP [Summary]
Hiromu YAGAWA JP [Summary]
Daiki FUJIWARA   JP [Summary]


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Shinya TAJIMA   JP [Summary]
Haruna MATSUMOTO   JP [Summary]
Hiroaki SHIMIZU Research about improvement of townscape with new type local housing-The case of Suwa-machi, Yatsuo-machi, Toyama city in “Rehabilitation of townscape era”- JP [Summary]


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Masaya Sammonji A study on location of Yukakus(red-light districts) in colonial Taiwan, 1895-1945From the view of Japanese colonial city planning theory JP [Summary]
Shingo NAKAMURA A study on characteristics of store accumulation in redevelopment buildings JP [Summary]
Kishiko MATSUDA A study on inter-relationship between the zoning in agricultural use and the regional product on new municipality-planning in Italy-Case study of the municipality of Valdobbiadene, Veneto region- JP [Summary]
Megumi HAMADA A Study on the Spatial Characteristics of the Leather Industrial Area in Northern Taito Ward -Focusing on the Commercialization of Production Spaces & the Change of Mixed Use Spaces- JP [Summary]
Yudai TANAKA A Study on the "Kodoseichoki-Yokochō" Pub Alley Built During the High-Growth Period -Focusing on Kofu, Yamanashi- JP [Summary]
Arisa KOYA A study of the change of the river-side buildings caused by construction of a riverwalk - Focused on the Dotonbori river in Osaka- JP [Summary]


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Yuta NAKAI Study on the creation and cooperation of local railway station-based community activity organizations-the case of Kominato railway- JP [Summary]
Sakura KAWATA The study of the relationship between agricultural settlements and local governance organization in hilly and mountainous areas- A case of Ushio-district and Hata-district in Unnan city, Shimane prefecture-  JP [Summary]
Nobuhiko MORISHITA A study on the actual condition of remaining and use of abandoned waterways for irrigation in existing urban area :A case study in Suge district in Kawasaki city JP [Summary]
Nobuyuki TAKIZAWA A study of the inter-relationship between local brands, tourism and regional landscape through food JP [Summary]
Asuna SEGAWA A study on transformation of existing facilities use in defunct domestic amusement park and theme parks JP [Summary]
Chengkai WANG A study on the spatial morphology of the castle town margin focused on the urbanization history after the modern period JP [Summary]
Taiga SUNAZUKA  A study on personal staying behavior in public space -Focusing on public spaces created by large-scale private development- JP [Summary]
Asuka KOSHINO A Study on the reality of vacant lots in the historical urban areaA case study on the district of old Mikuni JP [Summary]
Takeshi KUROMOTO A study of location factors of "Experience-Making Stores" in Odawara centerFocused on area characteristics affecting district-preference and location selections of shopkeepers JP [Summary]


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Author Title Language Summary PDF


Author Title Language Summary PDF


Author Title Language Summary PDF


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JP [Summary]
A Study on the chronological transition of Lumbini Debelopment Project, NepalFocus on planning and implementation process of Kenzo Tange’s Master Plan and the management of cultural heritage EN [Summary]
Li Fan JP
JP [Summary]
? ? JP [Summary]


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Mizuki OKUMA Study on Local Characteristics of Small Factory Networks in Ota WardThe Example of the Omoriminami District JP [Summary]
Koji YAMASHITA Study on the placement of Public Art Objects in Open Spaces of Redevelopment ProjectsFocusing on Design and Functional Aspects JP
Keiko SAKURABA Study on Multi-cultural Centres in Areas of Metropolitan Peripheries with a high Share of MigrantsFocusing on Urban Support Facilities for Migrants at Kawaguchi City, Saitama JP
Masayoshi NAGANO Dancing on gridA System for Rebuilding Public Housing Estates that allows for Change over Time and Connectedness
The Example of the Zoshigaya Public Housing
JP [Summary]
Shunichi KUMAGAI JP [Summary]
Kosuke KAMBARA Study on the Role of the Urban Network for the Comprehensive Care in Shinjuku's Tansu DistrictTowards the Development of Support Systems for the Elderly in Central City Locations JP
Ryohei SUZUKI Study on the Reconstruction of Warsaw's Historical Centre and its LegacyFocusing on its Value as Cultural Asset in post-war Discourses JP
Masataka ABE Study on the Roots of the Regional Planning Idea in Japan before World War II, until the Bill of the Regional Plan and the Draft of the Kanto Regional Plan JP [Summary]
Yuto KUROKAWA Study on the Effect of Continuous Locally based Art Projects on Urban ChangeFocus on Resident Participation during the Initial Stage JP [Summary]


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Jay Farris Community Involvement and Urban Farmland Conservation:The Impacts of Nerima’s Experiential Farms EN
Kazuya NAKASHIMA Formation and Development of Repatriate MarketsThe Examples of Morioka and Okayama City JP
Kosuke ROKUTA Study on the Designation Process and Management of Townscape Districts for the Preservation of the Residential Environment JP
Hiroyuki DOSHIDA Study on the Life in Machiya Townhouses and its Interrelation with the Street SpaceFocusing on Takayama City in Gifu Prefecture JP
Chisato TAKEMOTO Development of post-war Community Planning (Machizukuri) Activities along Sumida RiverStudy on the changing Recognition of the City's most representative River JP [Summary]
Tetsuro KIKUCHIBARA Interdependence, Characteristic and Change of the Tobacco Industry in Funahiki-cho, Tamura City, Fukushima PrefectureStudy on the Impact of a shrinking Key Industry on a Local Community JP
Takahiro FUJII Study on the Change and Influence of Temporary Construction Site Fences in Urban Areas JP
Ryo NISHIKAWA The Council of Europe's Idea of the 'Cultural Routes' policy and it's actualityFocusing on an Inter-Regional Linkage of Cultural Heritages JP


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Nattapong PUNNOI Study on the Evolution and actual Situation of Reviving a Historical Cityscape through Tourism based Community Planning (Machizukuri)The Example of the historical Building Ensemble Preservation District in Sawara, Katori City, Chiba Prefecture JP [Summary]
Naohiro KAMENAGA On the Possibility and Problems of Introducing Matching-Fund-type Support Systems for Community Planning (Machizukuri) in JapanThe Example of Kobe City JP [Summary]
Shuichi KITAMURA Study on the Daily Life and the Vitality of Local Communities on isolated Islands of the Seto Inland SeaA Case Study of Awashima in Kagawa Prefecture JP [Summary]
Keisuke MASUDA Study on the Creation of a Relationship of mutual Trust between NPO Banks and BeneficiariesFocusing on Tokyo Community Power Bank and Hokkaido NPO Bank JP [Summary]
Akira DAIDO Study on the Revision of designated City Planning Roads after 2001The Example of Gifu Prefecture JP [Summary]
Nagisa YAMADA Study on the spatial Structure and Utilisation Forms of urbanised Fishing VillagesThe Example of Koyasuhama in Yokohama JP [Summary]
Yui HIRAOKA Study on the Empowerment of Residents through the Production of a 'Tourism based Community Planning Guidebook'The Example of the Enoki District in Shinjuku Ward JP
Yuri YAHARA Study on the Development of Preservation Machizukuri (Community Planning) in KagurazakaFocusing on the Effects of the District Transformation on the Management Organisation JP [Summary]
Ai KAKIBAYA Study on the Variety and Cooperation of Downtown Citizen Activity Support SystemsThe Example of Assistance Groups for Chiyoda Ward's (Tokyo) Community Planning (Machizukuri) Support Project JP [Summary]
Junya SUZUKI Study on the Possibility of promoting Maintenance, Management and Disaster Proofing of historical Building Ensembles through Insurances JP [Summary]
Takato KAMAGATA Study on the Cityscape Machizukuri (Planning) and the Promotion of Local Business Potentials and Design JP [Summary]


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FADZLI Bin Zubi Place Making within the Context of Waterfront DevelopmentA Study on the Planning and Design of Odaiba Waterfront City, Tokyo EN
VICHIENPRADIT Pornsan Study on the Effects of Yataimura (Stall Villages) Spaces as Means for Downtown Revitalization JP [Summary]
Masato ITO Study on the Potential of urban Areas along abolished Rivers in Tokyo's densely built up Yamanote Areas JP [Summary]
Taku YOSHIDA Study on the Development of Shinagawa Postal Town along the Old Tokaido Road JP
Ryoko SHIOZAWA Study on the Development of small urban Squares Space in early Modern JapanFocusing on 'Squares' in the Reconstruction Program after the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 JP [Summary]
Hiroko OKUDA Study on Production of square-like Open Spaces through Public-Private PartnershipFocusing on Tokyo's 23 Wards JP [Summary]
Kentaro GOTO Study on Scenic Characteristics of Crossroads in Central Tokyo under Consideration of the special Characteristics of each Road JP [Summary]
Shunsuke YOKOTA Study on nocturnal cityscape Illumination Policies of Japanese Local GovernmentsCase Study of Kanazawa City's local Ordinance for Nightscape Planning JP [Summary]
Hiromichi ISHII Study on the Evolution and Townscape Characteristics of Soya Sauce Production Villages on the Setouchi IslandsThe Example of the Uchinomi Area on Shodoshima Island JP [Summary]
Nami TAKEYAMA Study on the Relationship between historical Open Spaces and adjacent Project PlansThe Example of Design Proposals for the area of Vienna's former City Wall around Karlsplatz JP
Nao TSUTSUI Study on the Decision of Land Use Plans for former American Military BasesEnsuring the Publicness of sold off former publicly owned Land JP
CHEONG Il-ji Study on the Activities of Citizen Organisations for Cityscape Preservation Machizukuri in the Seoul's Kitamura DistrictFocusing on Arbitration JP [Summary]


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LE Quynh-Chi Study on Traditonal Village Centers and their Transformation ProcessCase Study of the Tu Liem Suburban District, Hanoi EN [Summary]
Shigeki MISAWA Study on Relationship between various Organisations that target environmental Improvement of outdoor Advertisement Facilities JP
Takahiro OTANI Study on the Feasibility of a social Contribution through Neighbourhood Shopping Street Projects JP
Shoichi HAYASAKA Study on Efforts to preserve the Residential Environment in aging Residential AreasThe Case of the Tokiwadai Housing Estate JP [Summary]
Sunao SHIBATA Study on TIF (Tax Increment Financing) as a Management Method for the Revitalisation of Industrial AreasThe Examples of Chicago and Milwaukee JP [Summary]
YANG Hui-Hsuan Study on Policies of Taipei City to Re-use historical BuildingsFocusing on spatial as well as managerial Aspects of historical Buildings under the Jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Department of Cultural Affairs JP [Summary]
Kumi EGUCHI Historical Study on the Bustle of UenoAnalysing Literature of various Periods to trace changes of 'Hare' and 'Ke' JP [Summary]
Mari NISHIHARA Study on the Reuse of vacant Houses as Local ResourceAn Investigation of the the “Akiya Bank” Management System JP [Summary]
KIM Jong-bum Study on Revitalisation of Streets along high-rise Housing Complexes in Korea JP
Chikako SUZUKI Study on the Creation of Townscape by small-scale CommunitiesThe Example of the '3 House Agreement', concluded under the Seta Municipal Cityscape Ordinance JP [Summary]


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Akihisa ITO Study on the Feasibility of small-scale, multifunctional Nursing Facilities and its Contribution to Local CommunitiesFocusing on the high-density wooden Apartment Belt in Tokyo' 23 Wards JP [Summary]
Takashi UCHIYAMA Study on Community Participation in the Design Process of publicly usable Spaces provided by private Developers JP [Summary]
Soichiro TODA Study on the Role of Community Baths in traditional Onsen Areas JP [Summary]
Yasuhiro TANABE Study on the Effects of “Communication-type Welfare Facilities” for the Revitalisation of Neighbourhood-level Commercial Areas JP [Summary]
Reima SAKAGUCHI Study on peripheral, non-industrial Harbors as local Resources in Machizukuri ActivitiesThe Case of Uji-Yamada Port in Ise City, Mie Prefecture JP [Summary]
Takefumi KUROSE Study on Brownfield Revitalisation Policies in the USA and their ImplementationThe Case of Cities in New England JP [Summary]


Author Title Language Summary PDF
Hironori KURAHASHI JP [Summary]
Yuhei OHNO JP [Summary]
Yugo KOBAYASHI JP [Summary]
Yuki OKAMOTO JP [Summary]
Motti HASHIMOTO Study on the Origin of the 4 Meter minimum Width Requirement for Roads in the Building Standard Law JP [Summary]
Sho IKEDA JP [Summary]
Kimikazu KATAOKA Study on the Revitalisation of a Cityscape Culture through a raw-material centred Machizukuri JP [Summary]
Fumi FUJIMOTO JP [Summary]
Yoko NOGAMI JP [Summary]


Author Title Language Summary PDF
Rei YOSHII JP [Summary]
Sachiko DOI JP [Summary]
Fujio OHIRA JP [Summary]
YU OKAMURA ? JP [Summary]
Sumito HOSHINO JP [Summary]
SHIM Min-Jeong JP
Yuya SEKI JP [Summary]


Author Title Language Summary PDF
PIADAENG Niramon An Investigation of Backpacker Tourism and Urban Transformation Bangkok EN [Summary]
Hajime NAKAMURA Study on the Creation of Vital Urban Parks and Park Revitalisation through Public Private Partnership JP [Summary]
Shinichi HORISAKI Study on JP [Summary]
Eriko YAMANAKA Study on the Structural Characteristics of Collective Spaces in Housing Projects near WaterfrontsThe Cases of Tskudai, Tsukijima and the Aomi Districts at the lower Sumida River in Tokyo's Chuo Ward JP
Rintaro GOTO JP [Summary]
Yasuaki MURATA Study on the Preservation and Utilisation of Historical Irrigation Canals JP [Summary]
Akiko TANAKA JP [Summary]
Chiyo ISHIYAMA JP [Summary]
Kazuya KANAI JP [Summary]
Yasuhiro SUHARA JP [Summary]


Author Title Language Summary PDF
Mari ANDO Study on the Possibility of expanding Machizukuri Education for Children within School CurriculaAnalysing the Approach of Yokohama City JP [Summary]
Hirotaka MIYAMOTO Study on the relationship between the Image of a City and it's Cityscape JP [Summary]
Koichi IKEDA Study on the Location of High-rise CondominiumsFocusing on Building Disputes in the Kagurazaka Neighbourhood JP [Summary]
Hiroo TANAKA Study on Methods for visually communicating Design Concepts in Urban DesignFocusing on Illustrations in the Journal “Shin-Kenchiku” after WW II JP [Summary]
Daisuke ABE Study on the Evolution of Urban Planning in Barcelona and the Regeneration of the Historical Centre JP [Summary]


Author Title Language Summary PDF
TAMAT Ari The Role of Traditional Socio-Environmental Management Systems in Village Tourism Development in Bali, Indonesia JP [Summary]
Hiroya MIMAKI Study on the Possibilities of Spatial Plans to unify medium and small Rivers with their surrounding Urban FabricAnalysing historical Transformation Processes and Spatial Structures of urban riversides in Tokyo's Yamanote Area JP [Summary]
Naoto NAKAJIMA The City Beautiful Movement in the first Half of the 20th CenturyThe Concept of Urban Planning and its Manifestation in the City JP [Summary]
Shunichi IMAGAWA Legislative and Administrative Framework for Implementing Impact Assessment on Historical and Cultural Heritage within the Environmental Impact Assessment ProcedureA Comparison of the USA, UK, Hong Kong and Japan JP [Summary]
Kenki KURIHARA Study on SOHO (Small Office Home Office) Developments as a new Form of Urban IndustryA Survey of Information Technology Companies in Shibuya, Tokyo JP [Summary]
Kensuke TANAKA Study on Significance and Strategies of Machizukuri Companies as Citizen Developers for Downtown RevitalizationThe Example of Nagahama and Iida City JP [Summary]
Meri TANAKA Study on Measures for the Implementation of San Francisco's Regional Bay Area Greenbelt and the Role of Civic Action JP [Summary]
Keiko ARAMATA Study on the Role of Supporting Systems for early-stage Citizens' Machizukuri ActivitiesThe Case of the Setagaya Machizukuri Fund"" JP [Summary]


Author Title Language Summary PDF
PHAM Thuy Loan Urban Design Study of Tu Liem District, Hanoi City EN
Toshiyuki NAKAO Study on low-rise Housings Complexes with CourtyardsTowards more porous Residential Areas JP [Summary]
Keisuke YAMADA Study on Policies for the Protection of Scenic Views and their ApplicationThe Example of Yokohama, Morioka, Kurashiki and Okayama JP [Summary]
Toshiyuki TANAKA Study on Machizukuri (Community Development) Projects for the Revitalisation of Company Towns after Enterprise RationalisationThe Case of Kamaishi City in Iwate Prefecture JP [Summary]
Kaori ISHIHARA Study on the Development of General Principles for Spatial Planning in provincial Cities and their ImplementationThe Example of Kakegawa City in Shizuoka Prefecture JP
Taku NOHARA Study on infill-centred urban Renewal Methods and their comprehensive Application in Paris JP [Summary]


Author Title Language Summary PDF
Satoko YOSHIDA Study on the POS Policy for the Preservation of Historical Environments in FranceThe Example of the POS Revision of Paris' Faubourg Saint-Antoine JP [Summary]
Kazuki YAMACHI Kamiyoshida Village and the Mount Fuji FaithStudy on the historical Transformation of Fuji-Yoshida City in Yamanashi Prefecture JP
Takayuki KAWANISHI Study on the urban Formation and the History of the Townscape in Tokyo's Marunouchi Scenic DistrictLegacy of Plans and Townscape Formation between War Reconstruction and Rapid Economic Growth Period JP [Summary]
Yoshitaka SUZUKI Study on the Evolution and Transformation Process of early Stage Machizukuri (Community Planning)Focusing on the Activities of Civic Organisations in the Regional Cities of Tsuyama and Kurayoshi JP [Summary]


Author Title Language Summary PDF
TRAN Thi Lan Anh Urban Conservation and (Re)development in Hanoi's Kiem Lake AreaTowards the Protection of Spirit of place"" EN
Hirosugi MIZUTANI Study on the urban Form of the Marunouchi District JP [Summary]
Tomomi AKASAKA Basic Study on the Potential of 'Stations' in Machizukuri (Community Planning)Examining Trends of combining Stations with Public Facilities JP
Sadakuni SUGA Study on Urban Design Policies in San Francisco (US)Architectural Proposals for the Southof Market District JP


Author Title Language Summary PDF
NAKAMURA Masaaki Reconstructing the Theory of restoration-type Machizukuri (Community Planning)Study on Machizukuri in Kobe's Earthquake stricken Mano District JP [Summary]
Masahiko KUNIHIRO Basic Study on the Production privately owned Public Spaces from a User PerspectiveFocusing on the urban Landscape of Tokyo's 3 central Wards JP
Shiro KOIKE Study on Railway Construction in the Kyoto Area and it's Relation to the Central Area JP [Summary]
Akiyoshi KAWABATA Study on territorial Planning and Building Regulations in the Swiss Confederation JP
Study on the Vicissitudes of Post-war Japan's Housing ComplexesFocusing on the Philosophy and Planning Theory of residential Development Areas JP
Fumihiko FUJITA Study on US American States and Municipalities address the Preservation of Historical EnvironmentsThe Example of Boston/ Massachusetts JP [Summary]
Reiko TSUJI Basic Study on Place Character through the Spatial Structure of the 36-Street District in Hanoi JP [Summary]
Arata ENDO Plan for Daikanyama Hillside Terrace 7th Construction StageProposal for a Public Space Design Technique JP [Summary]


Author Title Language Summary PDF
Ai TSUCHIDA Study on Preservation and Improvement Plans in Old-Hanoi's historic 36-Street DistrictFocusing on the Role of Open Space JP [Summary]
Kazuhiro MIYAKI Study on Trends for achieving comprehensive Land-use Regulations in Regional Cities through OrdinancesThe Example of the Bylaw for Land Utilisation in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture JP [Summary]
Takayuki SHIMAKURA Study on the Hosting of International Sports Events and Urban DevelopmentFocusing on the Process of how the Creation of Athlete's Villages influences surrounding suburban Development Plans JP
Taku SHIMIZU Study on Regional Cities of developing CountriesThe Case of the Pagan historical Site in Myanmar JP [Summary]
Hideyuki MINOWA Problems with the Development of International Environmental Law and World Heritage Treaty JP [Summary]


Author Title Language Summary PDF
Yoshinori CHUUJOU Study on the Revitalisation of Machizukuri (Community Planning) Activities through raised Citizen Awareness JP [Summary]
Fujio ICHIHARA Study on the Designs and Plans for Station Buildings and their Effect on the City Structure JP
Motoki TORIUMI Basic Study on the pre-Word War II Concept of Preservation of early western-style Architecture JP [Summary]


Author Title Language Summary PDF
Hikaru KINOSHITA Study on the Relationship between the Victual Markets and Urban Structure in Hong Kong JP [Summary]
Masahiro NISHIMURA Study on the Housing Complex Planning Technique within existing Residential AreasFocusing on the Condition of Open Spaces in Renewal Plans for Municipal Housing Blocks JP [Summary]
Nobuharu SUZUKI Study on Architectural Design Guidance in existing urban Areas JP [Summary]
Takayuki SUZUKI Study on Spatial Recognition for the Creation of basic Placemaking Principles JP [Summary]
Akihiro AOYAMA Basic Study on the Application of the Artificial Life Concept in Urban Planning JP [Summary]