Group Takashimadaira Housing Complex

Hello, this is Min JIANG.

I am writing about Group Takashimadaira (TKD) Housing Complex of Urban Design Studio in this semester.DSC06756.JPG▲ Takashimadaira Housing Complex, September

Takashimadaira Housing Complex was built during 1970s and is regarded as a typical representative of Danchi in Tokyo. Presently, TKD Housing Complex is facing the significant aging issue, as well as how to attract younger families to live here. 


▲ Current Situation in Takashimadaira Housing Complex

After detailed survey and observation, including counting, mapping and tracing, we found that: 1) there was an unbalanced distribution of activity and vitality here, most activities happening in Oyama Square which was surrounded by commercial area, and in playgrounds for children in the east which was surrounded by nurseries; 2) there were many people and vehicles coming towards and from TKD Station and passing by Gingko road, but almost without stay. 


▲ Counting Survey Result in Takashimadaira Housing Complex

Therefore, we discussed and concluded that: 1) it was important to create different characteristic for different public space; 2) it was important to take advantage of large numbers of users along Gingko Road. Also, we proposed our targets for 3 different periods.


▲Targets for 3 Different Periods


▲Proposal for Gingko Road


For the short term, we decided to focus on Gingko Road since it was an important west-east connection in the Danchi with great potential of the beautiful gingko trees along it. The core concept is to change the Road to Street. We hope our design can improve its connectivity, create more shared space and change the lifestyle in this Danchi.



▲The Beautiful Gingko Road


▲Design Model for Part of Gingko Road


▲Prof. Nakajima Giving Comments