POPS Magazine published: Privately Owned Public Spaces ーThe International Perspective

Privately Owned Public Space:The International Perspective

Although local governments around the world are rewarding FAR bonuses to private developers for decades if they in turn agree to produce and maintain publicly usable urban spaces, most research so far has discussed these ‘privately owned public spaces’ (POPS) against the background of North American cities. This volume contributes to overcome this Western bias by offering a theoretically informed and empirically grounded, comprehensive survey of governance systems that have been producing privately owned public spaces in cities as diverse as Santiago de Chile, New York, Seattle, Aachen, Bangkok, Taipei, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo, and Yokohama.

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DIMMER, C. (Ed.), ‘Privately Owned Public Space: The International Perspective’, SUR: Sustainable Urban Regeneration, Center for Sustainable Urban Regeneration, The University of Tokyo, Special Issue, Volume 25, January 2013.