Message from the UD-Lab after the March 11 Earthquake

Dear alumni and friends,

We deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness and encouragement for the current difficult situation caused by the huge earthquakes on March 11th. Fortunately, all of the present members are safe, with relatively little damage of our buildings in Tokyo.
We are in unspeakable shock and in sorrow for those who live in the towns and villages that were hit by the earthquake and the tsunami. The disaster areas in North-Eastern part of the country also include many towns associated with us; where the Urban Design Lab had closely worked with communities in the past.
Although the situation is not clear yet and still tense, we will try to contribute to the restoration of the devastated areas and their future as much as possible, after the situation will have calmed down. We would be grateful if you keep warm eyes on our activities.
With kind regards,

Members of Urban Design Laboratory, University of Tokyo
16th March, 2011