Urban Design Lab. Magazine Vol.266 Special Edition "Launch of Urban Design Center Sakai "


1. UDCSってなに?

2. インタビュー UDCSを支えるスタッフたち

3. 三国と東京大学都市デザイン研究室

Laboratory Guidance

Laboratory guidance for mainly undergraduate students will be held in following schedules.

2018/4/12(Thu)12:20〜12:50 @ Room906

2018/4/18(Wed)12:20〜12:50 @ Room906

We would like to have a deep discussion with you through your graduation thesis and design.

Lab Magazine vol.263.9 "Messages for Dear UDLab. Members".

We just published Lab Magazine vol.263.9 "Messages for Dear UDLab. Members". 

It would be great if you can take the time to look through it.