Doctoral Thesis

Below is a list with all recently completed doctoral theses.


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Tomoko Matsushita* JP


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Hisao Wakamatsu* JP


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Fumihiko OMORI JP
Min JIANG Publicness of Urban Public Space under Chinese Market Economy Reform: A Case Study of Yuzhong District, Chongqing EN


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ZAINAL Ahlam Mohamed Saleh Gulf Coastal UrbanismThe influential ideas that have shaped the Gulf's waterfront with an emphasis on the Metabolist group work in the Gulf EN
Junichi ITO*   JP
Chie KODAMA Mechanism of water infrastructure to respond to uncertainty caused by population decline JP
Jiewon SONG INVENTING AUTHENTIC URBAN PLACES:The Politics of Heritage Conservation in Urban Redevelopment EN [Summary]
Saori KASHIHARA A Study on the Transition Mechanism of "Street of Arts (Ph N Nghệ)" in Old Hanoi City JP
Ken-ichi YABUKI A study on urban planning in the age of population decline in the United States JP
Ryo NISHIKAWA Study on urban planning of tourism cities -Focus on the period from before World War II to the 1960s in Japan- JP


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Yan XU The evolution of Puer Tea Cultural Landscape and its Conservation, in Jingmai Mountain, Yunnan, China EN


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  Visual connectivity of the everyday outdoors as landmark in the dense vernacular fabric of central Tokyo : Morphological approach in Wakaba, Shinjuku EN
YOON Zoosun Reshaping Participatory Planning through "Local SNS":Focusing on High-rise New Towns in Gyeonggi Province EN
 * ? JP


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YANG Hui-Hsuan ? JP


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Shin NAKAJIMA 戦災復興土地区画整理事業による街区設計と空間形成の実態に関する研究―東京都戦災復興土地区画整理事業地区を事例として― JP [Summary] [PDF]
Nattapong PUNNOI ? JP [Summary]
XU Tong Study on the Future Conservation Policy of World Heritage Cities under Chinese Administration SystemFocusing on the Role of Local Community in the Old Town of Lijiang EN [Summary]
CHEONG Il-ji ? JP [Summary]


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Study on the Spatial Stricture and Process of Transformation in the Pre-Mughal area of Old Dhaka through Socio-physical interactions EN [Summary]
JP [Summary]
The Method of Urban Conservation and Integrated Historical Settings with Reuse of Collective Industrial Heritage in Treaty Port CitiesFocusing on the Urban Conflicts in Jemulpo of Incheon (Junggu and Donggu) EN [Summary]
* JP [Summary]
Chikako GOTO JP [Summary]


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Tiamsoon SIRISRISAK The Notion of Historic Urban Landscape and its Application to Visual Impact Assessment of a Historical TownThe Case of Old Bangkok EN [Summary]
Kumi EGUCHI Study on the Historical Environmental Preservation in Connection with the Old Paris Commission between the 1890s and the 1930sIntroduction and Development of an city-wide Perspective on Historical Landmark Buildings JP [Summary]


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LE Quynh Chi Study on Place Identity of an Urbanized agriculture-based SettlementProcess of Change and Transformation in an Urban Village in Hanoi EN [Summary]
Setsuji NAGASE Study on the Creation of Spaces of Worship in Modern JapanSpatial Production and Social Context of Spiritual Spaces between the Meiji to early Showa Periods JP [Summary]
Taku NOHARA* Study on Planning Concepts and actual Development of Urban Industrial Spaces in JapanThe Relationship of Productive Spaces and Living Spaces JP [Summary]


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Wimonrart ISSARATHUMNOON Traditional Urban Community and Its Role in Heritage PlanningThe Case of Bangkok Heritage Core EN [Summary]
Jeanhwa SONG JP [Summary]


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DIMMER Christian (Re-)negotiating Public SpaceA Historical Critique of Modern Public Space in Metropolitan Japan and its Contemporary Re-valuation EN [Summary]
Yoichi IMAMURA Study on the Influence of former Military Sites on Japanese post-war Urban Development JP [Summary]
Yu OKAMURA Study on Preservation Plans for scenic Views in urban Japan JP
LIN Chung-Chieh Study on Townscape Evolution Mechanisms in historical urban Districts from the Perspective of Floor Area TransfersTownscape Revitalisation and Urban Preservation in Taipei's Dihua Street Quarter JP
Akiko TANAKA Study on the City Beautiful Ideas of Charles Buls and their Implementation in Post-Haussmanian Brussels JP [Summary]
HAN Hao-Ying Implementation Strategies for Urban Growth Management in ChinaThe Case of Beijing EN


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Syed Zainol Abidin IDID* Urban Conservation Approach in Planning and Urban Design for multi-cultural historic CitiesThe Case of urban Conservation Guidelines of Meleka, Malaysia EN
Naoto NAKAJIMA* Study on the City Beautiful Movement JP [Summary]
Kiyoshi SAKAMOTO Study on the Evolution and Change of Building Form Regulations for Skyscraper in the USThe Examples of Chicago and New York JP
Daisuke ABE Study on the Preservation and Revitalisation Strategies of historical urban Areas in SpainFocusing on the Redevelopment Process of Barcelona's historical Quarters JP [Summary]


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PIADAENG Niramon A Study on Stakeholder Collaboration and Locally-based Tourism DevelopmentThe Case of Rural Communities in Thailand EN [Summary]
Hidetoshi MAEDA* Study on Realisation Methods for Urban Blocks and large-scale Buildings JP


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Shintaro HANAZAWA Study on Planning Techniques that informed Historical Street Patterns of Kanto CitiesFocusing on the Analysis of Maps JP [Summary]
Arata ENDO* Study on Urban Revitalisation Techniques for the Actualising of DistrictsFocusing on Downtown-Fringe Revitalisation Strategies of Mid-west American Cities JP [Summary]


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TRAN Thi Lan Anh Study of Urban Conservation and Development Methodology for the City of HanoiTowards the protection of the Sprit of Place EN


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PHAM Thuy Loan Study on Structures of Housing Provision and Residential Landscape in Hanoi City EN


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ZHANG Tian-Xin Study on Urban Design and Urban Landscape Planning Methods for Spaces at the urban Periphery JP [Summary]


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Junichiro ASANO* Study on the Urban Morphology and planed Development along Suburban Arterial Roads of Provincial Cities JP


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Atsuyuki OKAZAKI* Study on Consensus Building Mechanisms in Townscape Preservation and Successive Machizukuri Projects JP
Hikaru KINOSHITA* Study on the Evolution and Transformation of Market Spaces in Hong Hong KongKongThe Case of the Kowloon-Yau Tsim Mong District JP [Summary]
Akiko UMEZU* Study of US American Historical Preservation by looking at the Main Street Program JP
Aya KUBOTA Study on Urban Preservation in New York CityFocusing on Historical Districts JP [Summary]
Nobuharu SUZUKI* Study on the Evolution of the Townscape Concept and Policies in Central TokyoFocusing on the Tokyo Scenic District JP [Summary]


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SHRESTHA Bijaya Urban Waterfront Development PatternsTowards an Integrated Design Structure EN
Gen KATO* Urban Design Methods and their Implementation for urban Development Projects JP


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LEE Jung Hyung Study on City Planning Instruments for Townscape Control in existing urban Areas JP
Hitoshi KUWATA* Study on Building Control System for Sunlight Preservation on an Urban Block Level JP [Summary]
Fujiko FUKUSHIMA Study on Residential Developments along private suburban Railway Lines before World War II with a Focus on Community Service FacilitiesThe Case of the Tokyo-Yokohama Railway Co. JP [Summary]


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Song ZHANG Study on Preservation Plans in Chinese historical Towns JP


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Nobuo MISHIMA Balanced Coexistence of Townscape Control System and Architectural Designs in Central ViennaSuggestions for Building Permit Process including Cityscape Assessment and Citizen Participation JP
Kumiko KURIBAYASHI* Study on Preservation and Utilisation of historical Buildings as Indicator for Residential Environments JP


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Masaru MIYAWAKI Development of formal City Planning and Landscape Planning in Italy JP
Hirotsugu KANNO Study on the changing Living Environment of the aboriginal Population and District Development in multi-ethnic residential Areas of developing CountriesThe Example of the autonomous Dai Prefecture in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China JP


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Yongtanit Pimonsathean Conservation of old Bangkok and early shophouses EN
HU Bao-Zhe Toward a Pedestrian-friendly EnvironmentStudy on Human Activity Facilitation through Spatial Manipulation Strategies EN