Yukio NISHIMURA(Transfered to Kobe Design Univ.)Professor Emeritus
Yukio NISHIMURA(Transfered to Kobe Design Univ.)



Trained as physical planner at the Department of Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo, where he got a BA, MA and D Eng. degree in planning, Professor Yukio Nishimura teaches urban planning, urban design and urban conservation planning at the University of Tokyo, his alma mater. Majoring in conservation planning, he has also been advising a number of historic cities and towns for their conservation plans throughout Japan as well as a variety of Asian countries, such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, and China. He is chief honorary advisor to the Council for Cultural Affairs of the Government of Taiwan. He also served as Vice President of the International Council on Monuments and Sites, ICOMOS, whose functions include evaluation of World Cultural Heritage nominations as a consultative body of UNESCO.

He is also Vice President of the Asian Planning Schools Association, APSA, as well as author of two award-wining books: ‘Urban Conservation and Urban Design’ (1997), and ‘Urban Conservation Planning’ (2004) (both in Japanese) and six further books. Yukio Nishimura contributed to more than ninety books as coauthor or editor. He worked as UNESCO consultant in many World Heritage Sites, including Lijiang, Lhasa (China), Penang Melaka (Malaysia), Kyongju Seoul (South Korea), and Kathmandu Lumbini (Nepal).

CURRICULUM VITAE (as of October 26, 2010)

1. Education

Bachelor of Engineering University of Tokyo, 1977
Master of Engineering University of Tokyo, 1979
Doctor of Engineering University of Tokyo, 1984

2. Professional Experience

04/1996 - present
Professor, University of Tokyo
07/1988 - 04/1990
Assistant Professor, Asian Institute of Technology (on leave from Univ. of Tokyo)
01/1988 - 03/1996
Associate Professor, University of Tokyo
04/1982 - 12/1987
Assistant Professor, Meiji University
Visiting Professor, I'Ecole des Hautes Etudes on Sciences Sociales (on leave from Univ. of Tokyo)
03/2001 - 11/2001
Visiting Researcher, Columbia University (on leave from Univ. of Tokyo)
11/1991 - 05/1992
Visiting Researcher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (on leave from Univ. of Tokyo)

3. Publications (in Japanese unless otherwise stated)
  1. Nishimura Yukio Notes on Landscape, Kajima Institute, 2008, 287p.
  2. Urban Conservation Planning, University of Tokyo Press, 2004, 1048p.
  3. Nishimura Yukio Notes on Urban Studies, Kajima Institute, 2000, 195p.
  4. Urban Conservation and Urban Design, Kajima Institute., 1997, 327p.
  5. Townscape and Community Development, Kokon Shoin, 1997, 248p.
  6. CIVIC TRUST - Civic Design in UK <1978-1991>, Shinshindo, 1995, 365p.
  7. Historic Preservation in the USA, Jikkyo Shuppan, 1994, 64p.
  8. Community Development with Emphasis on Conservation - Civic Design Movements in UK, Kokon Shoin, 1993, 170p.

Edited volumes
  1. How to Appreciate Towns - introduction of planning research for Machizukuri organizer, Asakura Publishing Co. Ltd. 2010, 148p
  2. Machizukuri, Yuhikaku, 2010, 284p
  3. Our World Heritage-Nagasaki, South Alps, Kojin no Tomo, vol. 3, 2010, 154p
  4. Our World Heritage-Forum in Fukuyama, Kojin no Tomo, vol. 2, 2008, 159p
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  17. Historic Townscape of Japan, vol.3, Heibonsha, 2004, 175p
  18. Historic Townscape of Japan, vol.2, Heibonsha, 2003, 171p
  19. Conserving Cities, Kajima Institute, 2003, 168p
  20. Architecture and City, Visual Introduction to Architecture, vol.10, Shokokusha, 2003, 228p
  21. Urban Landscape Planning, Gakugei Shuppan, 2000, 198p

Book chapters
  1. Look-out for Fire Fighting, Kajijma, 2010
  2. Scheme and Finance for Real Estate Development, Seibunsha, 2009
  3. Stock Management for Sustainable Urban Regeneration, Springer, 2008 (English)
  4. SSD100 in the World, Shokokusha, 2008
  5. Cultural Heritage in the 21st Century, International Cultural Center, Cracow, 2007 (English)
  6. Sustainable Community Design, Yuhikaku, 2004
  7. Global Environmental Design and Succession, Shokokusha, 2004
  8. Groundscape Declaration, Maruzen, 2004
  9. Introduction to Modern Sociology, Asahi Shinbun, 2003
  10. Environment and Development, Iwanami, 2002
  11. Challenges of New Community-Based Tourism Development, Gyosei, 2002
  12. Local Governments, Environmental Policies in Globa Age, Gyosei, 2002
  13. Challenges in Urban Planning, Gakugei Shuppan, 2000
  14. Amenity and Cultural and Natural Heritage, Toyo Keizai Shimpo, 2000
  15. Water in East and Southeast Asia, Architectural Institute of Japan, 2000
  16. Advanced Spaces in Recycle Society, Nousan Gyoson Bunka Kyoukai, 2000
  17. New Age of Urban Conservation, Gakugei Publishing Co., 1999
  18. Democratic Design in the Pacific Rim, Ridge Times Press, 1999 (in English)
  19. Traffic Design in Historic Towns, Japan Transportation Planning Association, 1996
  20. Monuments and Site in Asia and Oceania, ICOMOS, 1996 (in English)
  21. Monuments and Sites:JAPAN, ICOMOS, 1996 (in English)
  22. Regional Vitality and Charm vol.6, Gyousei, 1996
  23. Asia Rediscovery of Wisdom, Kuvapro, 1996
  24. Readings of Community Development, Gyousei, 1996
  25. Urban History and Community Developments, Gakugei Publsihing Co., 1995
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  27. City Design in Hida-Furukawa, INAX Booklet, 1995
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  29. Townscape of Imai, Douhousha, 1994
  30. Nara Conference on Authenticity, UNESCO World Heritage Centre/ ICCROM/ ICOMOS (in English)
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  40. Thinking of Amenity, Miraisha, 1989
  41. Urban Design Dictionary, Urban Renaissance, 1987
  42. Dictionary of Historic Townscape, Kashiwa Shobo, 1981

4. Awards and Fellowships

2007 scholarship for attending international convention awarded by Cultural Properties Protection Promotion Foundation
2005 Japan City Planning Institute Academic Award
2004 scholarship for attending international convention awarded by Cultural Properties Protection Promotion Foundation
2003 scholarship for attending international convention awarded by Cultural Properties Protection Promotion Foundation
2002 scholarship for attending international convention awarded by Cultural Properties Protection Promotion Foundation
2001 scholarship for attending international convention awarded by Cultural Properties Protection Promotion Foundation
2000 oversea research scholarship awarded by Ministry of Education
1998 Japan Real Estate Studies Best Academic Book Award
1996 Architectural Institute of Japan Award for Outstanding Academic Paper
1996 scholarship for attending international convention awarded by Cultural Properties Protection Promotion Foundation
1994/95 research scholarship awarded by Nakajima Peace Foundation
1994 research scholarship awarded by Japan Housing Center
1993 scholarship for international exchange awarded by Japan Housing Association
1993 research scholarship awarded by Hippon Insurance Foundation
1992 research scholarship awarded by Housing General Research Foundation
1991 fellowship for overseas research awarded by Kajima Research Promotion Foundation
1991 Young Scholars Award by Architectural Institute of Japan
1987 fellowship for studying in UK awarded by the British Council

5. International Activities

Conference Papers
  1. Path between Integrity and Authenticity - from Nara Document on Authenticity to Historic Urban Landscape, ICOMOS International Scientific Committee of Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration Annual Meeting, Prague, 2010.5.5-9
  2. Intangible heritage in Nara, Japan, 11th WORLD CONFERENCE of HISTORICAL CITIES, METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY OF KONYA, Turkey, 2008.6.10-13
  3. Integrity of Historic Urban Landscape, 2007 Symposium of World Association of Chinese Architects, Old for New, lijiang, China, 2007.11.3-4
  4. Integrity of Historic Urban Landscape, 2007 ICOMOS Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting, Heritage and Metropolis in Asia and the Pacific, ICOMOS-KOREA,Seoul, 2007.5.29-6.1
  5. Authenticity of Wooden Architecture and Enhancement of its Craftsmanship, Cultural Heritage in the 21st Century: Opportunities and Challenges, Cracow, Poland, 2006.5.24-28
  6. Current Trend and Challenges in the Development of a Monitoring Systems for World Cultural Heritage, UNESCO Workshop on the Periodic Reporting for Cultural World Heritage Properties in Northeast and Southeast Asia, Melaka, Malaysia, 2005.12.12-16,
  7. City Planning to Machizukuri - A Japanese Experience of Community Planning, Keynote Speech, Community Taipei 2005: International Community Planning Forum Papers & Abstracts, Taipei, 2005.10.30-11.1
  8. Comparative Study on Urban Conservation Planning in East Asian Countries : Its Evolution and Mechanisms - Japan, Korea and China, The Proceedings of Shanghai International Symposium on Conservation of Historical Architecture and Historical Areas, invited speaker, Shanghai China, 10. 2004
  9. Impact Assessment of the Highway Underpass Project in the Ancient Nara Palace, World Heritage Site, International Symposium on Monitoring, Vicenza, invited speaker, 11. 2002
  10. World Cultural Heritage: Its History and Current Scope, Third Cultural Conference, keynote speaker,Taipei, 3. 2002
  11. What is Community-based Tourism Development or Tourism-based 'Machizukuri' ?, Tourism Seminar, invited speaker, Vientiane, 3. 2002Tourism-based Community Development, Millennium Conference of Tourism, Leaders, 14th World Tourism Organization General Assembly, invited speaker, Osaka, 9. 2001
  12. Creative and Adaptable Reuse of Historic Monuments, International Symposium on Cultural Heritage Revitalization, invited speaker, Taipei, 9. 2001
  13. How to put the pieces together: challenges for planning, International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP), guest speaker, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 9. 2000
  14. Monuments and Urban Areas at Risk in the East and Southeast Asian Countries, ICOMOS Heritage at Risk Initiative, invited speaker, Munich, Germany, 2000
  15. Sustainable Development in Local Tourism for the Future, WTO Asia-Pacific Conference on Tourism Development for the Future, guest speaker, Wakayama, Japan, 2. 2000
  16. Developing Concept of Heritage in Japan and ICOMOS, International Symposium on Cultural Heritage and Urban Development Proceedings, guest speaker, Taipei, Taiwan, 11,1999
  17. Documentation and Conservation of Wooden Towns and Buildings in Japan, Documentation and Conservation of Wooden Towns ミ Postgraduate Course in Tallinn with the NorGa grant, guest speaker, Tallinn, Estonia, 9. 1999
  18. Making a Place Better: Japanese Experience, International Architectural Design Camp,  guest speaker, Chongju, Korea, 7. 1999
  19. Good Examples of Sustainable Accommodation in Japan, Taking Care of Business, Environmentally Sustainable Tourism Accommodation, Cairns, Australia, 1999
  20. Public Participation Planning in Japan - The Legal Perspective, Pacific Rim Conference on Democratic Design, Ogawa, Japan, 6. 1999
  21. Wooden Towns/Settlements in East and South-east Asia, Comparative Studies/Seminar on Global Studies of Historic Towns: The North European Wooden Town, ICOMOS SWEDEN, March 1998, Stockholm
  22. Meaning of Urban Conservation in Asia and West Pacific, Keynote Speech at 6th Asian and West Pacific Network on Urban Conservation, November 1997, Taipei
  23. How to Utilize Regional Historic Assets - Japanese Perspective, Adaptable Use of Historic Buildings - International Workshop, Taipei, Taiwan, 1995
  24. Pacific Echo-tourism and Investment Prospects : case study Fiji, APEC Tourism Working Group, Tourism and the Environment Symposium, Christchurch, New Zealand, 5. 1995
  25. Historic Preservation and Citizen Participation - Asian and Japanese Experiences, Cultural Assets ・ Historic Monuments and Citizen Participation Workshop, Taipei, Taiwan, 1995
  26. Development and Conservation of Hanoi", Third Annual Conference of the Asia and West Pacific Network for Urban Conservation, Hanoi, Vietnam, 11.1994
  27. Changing Concept of Authenticity in the Context of Japanese Conservation History", Nara Conference on Authenticity, Nara, Japan, 11.1994
  28. Urban Traditions in Asia and Their Preservation, 94 Seoul International Symposium on City and History, Seoul, Korea, 10.1994
  29. Triple-T and Urban Development Project - Research Framework, Triple-T Task Force, Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, Taipei, Taiwan, 3.1994
  30. Triple-T and Urban Development Project - study framework of Triple-T city concept", Triple-T Task Force, Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia, 6.1993
  31. International Cooperation for Conservation of Cultural Heritage, The Silk Roads Nara International Symposium '93, Nara, Japan, 11.1993
  32. Historic Sites and Monuments in Japan, ICOMOS 10th General Assembly, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 8.1993
  33. Urban Conservation and 'Community-Building' Movement in Japan, 3rd Training Workshop on Strategic Area Development Approaches for Implementing Metropolitan Development and Conservation, United Nations Centre for Regional Developments, 9.1991
  34. Conservation as a Strategy for Improvement of Urban Environment, 2nd Training Workshop on Strategic Area Development Approaches for Implementing Metropolitan Development and Conservation, United Nations Centre for Regional Developments, 7.1990
  35. Map-Making as a Part of Current Planning Education in Japan, International Conference on Planning Education, Birmingham, UK, 9.1989
  36. Furukawa Old Town Conservation - a case of urban conservation planning in conjunction with revitalization in Japan, 2nd International Convention on Urban Planning, Housing and Design, Singapore, 7.1989
  37. Urban Utility Management - Asian Context, International Workshop on Urban Utility and Infrastructure Management, Lyon, France, 4.1989
  38. History and Current Problems of Urban Conservation Planning in Japan, Proceedings of the 5th Asian-American Conference on Environmental Protection, Singapore, 2.1989
  39. Developments of Historic Environment Conservation Movements in Japan 1950-1985, 1st International Symposium on Traditional Dwellings and Life-styles, Tianjin, China, 7.1987

Technical Reports

Master Plan for the Preservation of the Historic Area of Pagan (Phase I), UNESCO FIT/536/MYA/70 Technical Report #FMR/CRT/CH/96/227(FIT), 1996, 134p

Other Activities
  1. Executive Committee Member(1999-2009), Vice President(2009-present)Asian Planning Schools Association, APSA
  2. Vice President(2002- 2005), Executive Committee Member(1996-2002), International Council of Monuments and Sites, ICOMOS
  3. Chief Editor, 1st Asian Planning Schools Association Selected Papers 1994
  4. Executive Committee Member(1989-1997), President(2010-present), Japan ICOMOS,
  5. Co-Founder, Asian and West Pacific Network for Urban Conservation, AWPNUC, 1990
  6. Advisor to Kaohsiung County, Taiwan, 1998-present
  7. Symposium Scientific Committee and rapporteur, International Symposium on メThe Heritage and Social Changeモ ICOMOS GA, Sofia, 10.1996
  8. Symposium Scientific Committee and rapporteur, International Symposium on メThe Heritage and Society, ICOMOS GA, Mexico, 10.1999
  9. Honorary Advisor to Council for Cultural Affairs, R. O. C. 1999- present
  10. Co Founder of International Field School for Asian Heritage (IFSAH), 2002
  11. Guest Professor, South East University, Nanjing, China, 2009-present

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